Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mid-semester Reflections

This semester has been a busy one. To evaluate where I am based only on one class would be to show only half of the picture. I’m taking three classes this summer, and each has made an impact on me.

Looking back on my writing from the beginning of the semester to now, the bulk of them revolve around how I will fit into this professional community upon graduation. My chief concern going into the program has been and will continue to be finding meaningful employment after I receive my degree. My confidence about joining this profession has gone up. It is relieving to not only find jobs that I will qualify for, but jobs that I will enjoy doing as well.

My view of the professional community has changed from the beginning of the semester. While doing my visits for this class and observations for another, I was struck by how small the community actually is. Many of the librarians I encountered studied at Wayne State, and have instructors in common with me. They also know the library I work at, and many of the people I work with. This is extends beyond my geographical community, librarians from other towns were familiar with many of my coworkers.

I haven’t really run across any surprises in my work. I came into the semester with a clear goal and focus. I have been working toward that the entire time, and have not been deterred. I have, however been surprised by the social bonds that I have been forming with some of the other students. I’ve taken a fair amount of classes online during my undergrad, but I have never had the amount of interaction or camaraderie as I have had in my classes this semester.

Moving forward, I think it will be worthwhile to reflect back on this blog to stay focused on my original goals. The blog may show how my thoughts evolve over time, but it will also serve as a benchmark to measure my success against. Journaling in this format is better because you don’t always have to have it as polished and professional as a paper. It allows you to be more open and honest about your thoughts, while still retaining integrity.

I think the second half of the semester will be a bit easier than the first half. Mostly because one of my three classes is completed, and that will afford me more time to focus on the remaining two. It’s great to be back in the swing of classes, and to feel like you’ve found your stride for the work. It is not so much about being exposed to new ideas anymore as it is refining those concepts and applying them practically. I look forward to completing the semester on a strong note, and ready to tackle the upcoming fall semester.

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