Saturday, July 6, 2013

Job Analysis, Pt. 1

                Looking at job listings was a bit intimidating. There are so many different positions, with so many requirements. It’s hard to believe that I will qualify for these positions soon. Looking ahead, I chose jobs based on where I would like to be professionally.

Research Fellow in Digital History & Collections

The first job posting that caught my curiosity was for a Research Fellow in Digital History and Collections at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Requirements for this position are: A PhD in History, Archival/Library Science or Digital Humanities, fluency in a second European language, experience with XML, and knowledge of the First World War.


Skills listed on the website:

• Be able to demonstrate evidence of experience in historical/archival curation, management and


• Demonstrate technical and domain fluency with digital history methods and experience in working

on digital projects (including collaboration and team working).

• Have excellent oral and written communication communications skills in English (native speaker

level), with the ability and confidence to engage with project partners clearly and professionally.

• Be organized, conscientious and resourceful

• Be able to operate as a self-directed, dynamic team member, set priorities and schedule time


• Be able to operate flexibly as a member of the multidisciplinary CENDARI project team


Obviously this is a higher level position with additional expertise required. Team work, communication, and self-motivation are all high priority skills in this position. The working environment would be within a team of multidisciplinary international scholars, working to digitize the College’s holdings and create a user-friendly research environment. Interpersonal skills will be a strong skill set, because of having to set up relationships with other institutions to share their collections and knowledge. The position reports to the CENDARI Project Coordinator.


Where this would take me on my career: This would be a HUGE resume point for future employment: Multinational cooperation on a major project in a foreign country. Unfortunately, the term of this position is only two years, and that would not necessarily lead to a job directly after. It would, however, put me in a position to lead similar projects at academic institutions in the future.


Exhibitions Collection Coordinator

The second job posting I looked at was for an Exhibitions Collection Coordinator for The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Requirements for the position are (from website):

· B.A. in Art History, Anthropology, Fine Art or related field required; M.A. preferred.

A minimum of 2-4 years experience with art/artifact handling, packing, and installation within a museum context is require; strong photography skills and/or experience with photo documentation of art/artifacts is strongly preferred
Familiarity with collections management databases (KE EMu experience is preferred, although not required)
A strong working knowledge of the principles of collections management is required
Ability to maintain consistent attention to detail; excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
Ability to work collaboratively with staff from multiple departments
Dexterity with standard hand tools
Experience with collections housing techniques and mount making are preferred
This is a physically active position and consistently requires frequent, sustained standing, crouching, and focused activity; manual dexterity; ability to routinely lift up to 30 lbs; experience utilizing a pallet jack, j-bar, and standard hand tools is necessary
Experience with basic rigging and ability to drive a forklift is a plus, although not required

This position is in a museum setting, rather than a library. While I don’t fit the undergrad Art History requirement, I don’t see where my undergrad in History (with a minor in Anthropology) and a MLIS would be an obstacle. Again, communication and teamwork skills are high on the list, along with management of collections. The position would report to the Collections Managers and liaise with the Cyrus Tang Hall of China.

Where this would take me on my career: This position would give me experience in artifact collections to augment my archival experience. This position is only for a one year term, which I find disappointing given the amount of expertise required for the position. I would assume that since the Field Museum is a major institution that permanent job opportunities would become available during the course of this assignment.




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