Monday, July 8, 2013

Job Analysis, Pt. 2

Looking back at the Research Fellow Position at Trinity College, the required skills and education are:
  •  PhD in History, Library Science or Digital Humanities
  •  Fluency in a second European Language
  •  Experience with XML
  •  Knowledge of the First World War
  •  Experience in Archival/Historical curation, management and research
  •  Experience working on digital projects
  •  Excellent communication skills in English
  •  Organized and resourceful
  •  Self-directed and effective time management
  •  Flexibility to work as part of a multidisciplinary team

Currently, I am proficient with Spanish and have a working knowledge of French. I have a little experience with XML, but I could use some more experience. I have a vast knowledge of the First World War, my focus as an undergrad was European History. I have experience in archival curation and research from interning in an Archive for two years. I also have experience working on digital projects from interning at the Archives. As for the last four requirements, I feel that I meet those quite readily. If I were in an interview with a potential employer, I would point out my management experience, the awards I have received for my papers, and my diverse academic background.


To prepare for this position, first I would complete my PhD in History. During that time, I would also study French or Latin. Many PhD programs require that a candidate speak three languages by graduation. That would place me in a perfect position to meet those requirements. I would also take a class in XML or advanced web development, most likely during the MLIS program. I would also like to receive a certificate in archival administration/management, but I would have to do that post-MLIS. Many archival programs require you to be on campus, and I cannot commute to Wayne State at this time to accomplish this, unless they change the program and offer the certificate online.

Once I have accomplished these, I would feel very confident applying for this position. I do not think I need to revise my goals or objectives stated earlier in the semester. I am still looking at integrating history and libraries, and pursuing something in the field of special collections. I do think I need to revise my plan for completing my MLIS to incorporate another web development/XML class for further experience.

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