Saturday, June 29, 2013

Personal Goals and Objectives For My Studies

My goal is to combine history and libraries into my career. There are a variety of ways I would be happy accomplishing this.

  • Rare Books/Special Collections - This area is where I would love to go the most after graduation. Working with either one of a kind or extremely rare items.
  • Archivist - I interned at an archive during my undergraduate work. I view it in the same vein as Special Collections because most of the materials housed there are one of a kind and very old. I would like to get an Archival Certificate, but until I either move closer to a school that offers it or a program becomes available online, it will have to wait.
  • Local History Librarian
  • Museum Librarian

Once I have my MLIS, I hope to find a job at an academic library working in Special Collections or Archives. I want to continue my education further by obtaining a PhD. in History, and by working for the institution I hope to get a break on tuition. Additionally, I hope to publish more as my career progresses, both in the field of History and Library Science. Working in that setting professionally with the materials is kind of like being on the front line. Research will be easier as I am more familiar with the resources available, and that will make my time with the subject more effective.

Working on the team blog I wrote about the future of Archives, and how digitization will be the next step. My experience in this setting already has shown that this is the case, so I would like to continue with career development in computers as well.

This goes hand-in-hand with my philosophy on Library Science. We are the gateway to knowledge, and it is our mission to provide access. Many special collections are fragile and restricted use. By digitizing these collections, we can make the information widely available. The Hathi Trust, for example. Having the information online would be a great resource for researchers.

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